It is called pamphlet in Mumbai. Even amongst fish it contains relatively high nutritional value. It is a seawater fish consisting of a single bone. It is sited to be used in traditional Chinese medicinal due to the fact that it promotes healthy skin along with digestive health benefits. It may be considered good for your skin for its high vitamin A, vitamin B3, and vitamin E content; which give you what you need to fight off wrinkles, skin redness, and maintain moisture in your skin. For advance protection of your skin, it is highly recommended that you consume other foods high in vitamin C and vitamin K to ward off spots and dark circles as well.

Nutrition fact & Benefits: 

Sliver pomfret is an excellent source of B vitamins including vitamin B12 and Niacin. It is lowest in vitamin B2 (riboflavin) in terms of B complex vitamin composition with respect to the % daily value. In every 100 g, it provides 127% the RDI of vitamin B12.

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